Eco Technology

These days, it is not just a matter of selecting a conventional gas or oil-fired boiler; it may be worth considering utilising a renewable energy source.

For example:

Heat pump systems
Heat pumps retrieve energy from outside the building which can then be utilised indoors, providing an efficient means of heating. In winter the temperature below ground is higher than the air temperature, around a constant 12°C. With sufficient ground space, this heat can be utilised indoors via a ground source heat pump. If ground space is limited, an air source heat pump may be the answer. This works by converting the temperature of the outside air into heat for use indoors. Both these methods can greatly reduce energy consumption if working efficiently, and some heat pumps can also provide cooling for the summer months.

Biomass boilers
These boilers are fuelled by wood chips or pellets and can serve central or underfloor heating and provide hot water.

Solar Energy
Solar energy can be utilised in two ways: to heat water via solar panels, or to convert light into electrical energy via solar cells incorporated into photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar energy can be used either to supply all your energy requirements, or to supplement another source.

We believe the future lies with photovoltaics. Although currently expensive to install, this may well become the most capital cost- effective 'free energy' in years to come.

When considering these methods of heating, it should be remembered that 'green' energy does not necessarily mean 'cheap' energy and that 'payback' periods can be lengthy or infinite! However, this situation may change in due course as equipment becomes more widely available, and in some cases there are grants available, which will assist with the initial outlay. We will be able to advise you of the best solution to suit your particular situation.

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