A load of hot air?

Does your property have a ducted warm air system? If it does, chances are, if any problems have arisen you may have been advised to "rip it out and install a wet system"! In many instances, however, this advice can arise through a lack of knowledge of the intricacies and advantages of a warm air system.

A warm air system is fuel efficient, with fast warm up and quiet operation. It is extremely controllable, especially now, with various modern electronic controls available. It takes up less space than a wet system, as no radiators are required, and as for system leaks; well, a warm air leak will not damage your furnishings!

As with any gas appliances, the system must be serviced annually.

If you do decide to replace your warm air system, there are now many more options available; it could even be transformed into a water to air heat exchanger with the addition of a boiler, and even radiators if you choose to!

We are approved contractors for Johnson & Starley and have extensive experience in all types of warm air appliances, including Powrmatic heaters. Contact us if you would like to discuss the advantages of warm air!

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